CVB Cd. Acuna, Holiday Guide


The office of Conventions and Visitors Bureau of Cd. Acuna gives to you a cordial welcome to our place where you will have modernized information of what happens in the city.

We have facilities of first level that left print in your convention, their spectacular gastronomy to satisfy the palate but demanding, their hotels and facilities for congresses, conventions and meetings in general.

Strategically personalized they will make you have the certainty that your event will be without a doubt a success, allow us to be your hosts in your following convention. And he/she also enjoys a spectacular and only destination in Mexico.

The office of Conventions and Visitors Bureau of Cd. Acuna, it is a civil association whose mission is to sell the city, like destination, giving to know its tourist kindness.

We invite it to that knows more than it Acuna and we wait for your next visit with the opened arm.

The services of the CVB they are free and chord to the stage in which is the event. They are subject to the characteristics of the same one and the fourth night that it will generate.


Recommended Cities (Worldwide) :-

Al-Salt : (Jordan) Famous with rare trees, as well contains the oldest museum in Jordan.

Aswan : (Egypt) Located in the south, known for Felucca tours. Felucca is a small boat very common in this city. Aswan contains some ancient temples as well, belongs to 2500 years ago.

Juliaca - (Peru) Contains a lot of churches as Santa Catalina and La Merced

Konya : (Turkey) Considered as the most relioguse city in Turkey, contains historical mosques and schools belongs to the Ottoman Empire age.



Support in the candidacy for the headquarters application

Trip of Familiarization (FAM)

Consultant ship in the organization of an event

Promotion strategies and publicity of the even

Consultant ship in the elaboration of the social program and of companions

Connect with organisms, institutions and lenders of tourist services

Visit of Inspection


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